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With equipment for riders of all ages and ability levels, our Park City snowboard rentals will ensure that you have the best possible experience out on the snow. We know that while beginners need a snowboard that won’t punish every little mistake, more advanced riders need a board that won’t let them down when they’re riding hard. Our rental techs will set your binding angles to your specific requests, or recommend angles based on your natural stance and experience level. That is the attention-to-detail that makes all the difference when you’re borrowing a board.

Jans Expert | Park City, UT

Regular or Goofy?

If you’ve ever surfed or ridden a skateboard, chances are you know whether you’re “regular” or “goofy.” If not, here’s the quick explanation:

Regular = left foot forward.

Goofy = right foot forward.

Why does this matter? Snowboarding is a sport that requires great balance, and finding your natural riding stance is key to boarding with confidence. Plus, our rental techs will be asking you this question when you get to the shop since it determines how they will position the bindings on your snowboard. One quick trick to figuring out your natural stance is to stand flat-footed with both feet pointing forward. Think about something completely unrelated, and then fall forward. Which leg did you stick out to catch yourself with? If it was your left leg, chances are you’re regular. If it was your right leg...goofy. And if you still can’t tell which feels natural, don’t worry – our rental techs will help you sort it out when you pick up your gear.