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Park City Guided Hiking Tours

With over 450 miles of hiking trails in Park City alone, and hundreds more in the nearby Uinta Mountains, there are a myriad of options for just about any kind of hiking adventure. Our Expert guides have years of experience, professional certifications and the local knowledge to help you find the ideal trail for you and to teach you about the local flora and fauna along the way.

Rob's Trail | Park City, Utah

Let our Experts handle the planning and route finding, so that you can dedicate your attention to inhaling the crisp, mountain air, hearing the sound of aspen leaves fluttering in the breeze, and enjoying the natural eye candy all around you. Regardless of which of guided hiking tour you choose, we promise that you’ll return with plenty of photos to make your friends envious, memories to last a lifetime, and maybe a little burn in your legs.

Expert Hiking Guides

Shaun Raskin-Deutschlander

Shaun has been leading hiking tours for over a decade and holds both Outdoor Emergency Care and Wilderness First Responder certifications. She has a special affinity for the Uinta Mountains, especially Lofty Lakes Loop which boasts a series of four glacial lakes that give it a real backcountry feel.

Stuart Johnson

Stu loves guiding hiking tours up in the Uintas, especially to Notch Lake. This trail offers something for everyone since it isn’t too strenuous, but those who want more can keep hiking beyond The Notch. A certified EMT and Outdoor Emergency Care Technician, Stu is great to have along in the backcountry.

Andrea Putt

Andrea specializes in hiking tours in the mountains around Park City. If you want a really good workout, she’ll lead you up Iron Mountain. Or if you prefer to stroll and take in the view, she’ll take you to Armstrong and Dawn’s trail. Either way, Andrea will make sure you get the type of hike you want.

Victoria Ritzinger

A snowshoe guide in the winter, Victoria changes tack and leads hiking tours in the summer. She has been a guide for seven years and particularly enjoys the Ridge trail’s spectacular views. Most of all, Victoria appreciates the sense of peace that comes from connecting with nature while hiking.