Backcountry Ski Clothing

Dressing for backcountry skiing is a lot like dressing for a day of skiing at a resort, with two notable exceptions. One, backcountry skiers need to dress for climbing up the hill as well as for bombing down it. And two, even on the warmest days, backcountry skiers should bring enough clothing to stay protected for hours in the outdoors, in case plans go awry.

The key to comfortable backcountry skiing is to dress in layers. A lightweight merino or synthetic thermal baselayer wicks moisture away from the skin and for many backcountry skiers may be all the warmth they need during bootpack hikes or steep climbs. Your body generates a lot of heat while climbing... learn more


If you feel like you’d overheat wearing a helmet on the way up the mountain, just clip it to your pack (make sure it’s right side up if it’s snowing). Always remember to put your helmet back on to head downhill. Even though you’re out away from the crazy crowds that threaten... learn more

Bring The Right Accessories: Sunglasses, Goggles, Socks And Gloves

Alternatively, a warm and wicking hat is a must, as are quality sunglasses that won’t fog for the climb, and protective goggles for the way down. On the hands,... learn more