Cold Weather Clothing Tips

Many people buy a heavy parka for skiing figuring “it’s cold out there.” Parkas are fine if it’s near zero, but that ensures you’ll be uncomfortable in every other condition. If dressing for a day on the slopes could be boiled down to a single word of advice, it would be: layers. “Dressing in layers will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable for a long day of skiing, ready for any conditions that may suddenly materialize on the mountain,” says Jans’ alpine ski soft goods buyer, Fran Meehan.

Start with a base layer of either soft merino wool or a synthetic fiber blend to wick moisture away from the skin. Then add a thermal mid-layer of fleece, packable lightweight down, or stretch softshell. On the outside, go with a waterproof shell or lightly insulated jacket... learn more

Your Most Important Accessory: Your Helmet.

Don’t be fooled into thinking helmets are just for kids. They are important for adults, too. It might be you skiing too fast for the conditions, it might be a slip on a patch of ice, or it might be getting hit by someone who is on a slope above their ability. Whatever the reason,... learn more

Accessories Add Comfort And Ease

Hand warmers, face masks, powder cords, sunscreen, lip balm, a neck gaiter. All of these make life easier on the slopes and add comfort to your day.... learn more