Jans and Park City in the News

The 2002 Olympics put Park City on the map. Ever since, journalists have flocked to our town to see what all the fuss was about. The payoff for us? A myriad of articles that not only detail the virtues of Park City, but also of Jans and our White Pine Touring location - the launching point for most of our guided trips and tours. Whether you're looking to learn more about what allows Jans to claim the title of "mountain recreation experts," or even a little something about Park City, read on for some great insights into what our company is all about.

JANS has been outfitting outdoor enthusiasts since 1980

Jans has long been a cornerstone of Park City's outdoor community, and we continue to build on our more than 40-year-old legacy. Much has changed in the ski and bike industries in that time—and Park City has changed, too. One thing that hasn't changed is the level of service and expertise customers find at Jans. The Jans leadership team talks more about our philosophy and what makes our shop different with Park City Style magazine.

40+ Ways to Save on Your Utah Ski Vacation

Between airfare, lodging, and lift tickets, the cost of a ski vacation can add up in a hurry. This comprehensive guide breaks down how you can save a little extra money on your next trip to Utah — whether that be by buying lift tickets in advance or making good use of our public transit system. The author highlights Jans on Park Ave as a good option for renting ski clothes if you need warm and waterproof outerwear during your Park City ski vacation.

Mountain Biking Gold

You may know Park City as a world class skiing destination, but did you know that it’s also the first-ever Gold Level Ride Center by the International Mountain Biking Association? Jans Mountain Experts and White Pine Touring Guides Scott House and Weston Deutschlander showed the Big Life Magazine crew just why Park City received this illustrious distinction.

Episode 28 | The Jet Set

This episode of The Jet Set profiles Park City and highlights the Jans Park Avenue location, our flagship store. Fast forward to 10:18 in the video to see Laura Dunn try on ski jackets and hats before heading to our rental shop to get outfitted for rental skis, boots, poles and a helmet.

Why You Need to Ski Utah's Park City

Written by a Canadian skier accustomed to the icy conditions of the mountains of Quebec, this article boasts the best that Park City has to offer in the winter. From tales of floating through Utah’s legendary powder to a fat bike tour at Round Valley with Jans Communication Director and White Pine Touring Guide, Scott House, the author does an excellent job of recounting the mining history that put Park City on the map in the first place.

Adventuring Through Park City: The Golden Destination

Rich with history, Park City shows off its many personalities. Reinventing itself from a silver mining town to an Olympic powerhouse in all its skiing glory, Park City was also named the first-ever International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Gold-Level Ride Center, with over 450 miles of trails. What makes it a Gold Level riding destination? More goes into it than you think. This article explains what earned Park City a score of 96 out of 100, showing once again why we love living here.

The Bacon

Featuring one of our own, this article highlights Scott House, Jans Communication Director and White Pine Touring guide. Scott discusses the challenges of guiding, both up the mountain, while mountain biking and down the mountain, while skiing. His experience shows the value of hard work and dedication. Finding a balance in life can be hard, but Scott shows how it’s done each and every day.

Park City, Utah: Mountain Biking, Savoring & Sipping!

Describing a day in the life of a mountain bike visitor to Park City, this article explains how to make your bike vacation a reality. Beginning with the anticipation of being a newbie on the trail, to the techniques learned from riding with a personal guide from White Pine Touring, and even listing great dining destinations, this is an article that has it all.

Beyond the Bike Park – Park City

Starting with a tongue and cheek reference to whether or not you can actually get a beer in Utah, this article shares a bit of Park City’s history before discussing specific mountain biking trails in the Wasatch Mountains. The author discusses the importance of guided bike tours through White Pine Touring and goes into detail about the Mid Mountain Loop, Strawberry Narrows and the Wasatch Crest trails. He even espouses the virtues of Park City’s free bus service which can be used for shuttle laps when you’re not in the mood to climb.

5 Reasons to Pack for Park City Right Now

Despite being known for skiing and the Sundance Film Festival, Park City has even more to offer those seeking something other than the obvious. This article describes the town’s dining options that will make any foodie salivate, while providing a hotel recommendation for even the most discerning traveler. But the suggestions for not-so-mainstream things to do, such as fat biking with White Pine Touring, dog sledding and historic ghost tours are what really sets this article apart.

Fat Tire Biking is the Hot New Winter Sport - And Not Just for Winter

Discussing the rise of fat biking as an alternative to traditional winter sports, and one that requires much less snow, the author explains what it is, the best locations to ride and even gives suggestions on which type of bike to purchase. With a number of insightful quotes from Jans Communication Director, Scott House, this article will turn even the most cynical readers into enthusiastic snow bikers.

Park City, Utah: Beyond Skiing and Sundance

As its title implies, this article shows you how to enjoy the lesser known, but equally engaging attributes of Park City. From shopping on Main Street to snowshoe and fat bike tours with White Pine Touring, the author demonstrates that there is more to this mountain town than just shredding and films. She even gives insider tips on where to eat, drink and stay.

10 Amazing Places to Ride Fat Bikes in Winter

Fat biking in Park City is all the rage and this article names the locale as one of the best places to ride in the winter. With a shout-out to White Pine Touring’s guide services and a nod to Round Valley’s sprawling, free and regularly groomed fat bike trails, the author shows how and why Park City’s designation is well deserved.

Let’s Get Fat

With winter in full force, many mountain bikers are missing their time on the trails. This article discusses the growing popularity of fat bikes, with four-inch tires versus the standard two-inch versions, which are ideal for riding on snow. And since Park City is an IMBA Gold Level Ride Center, there is no shortage of trails for the bike obsessed to get their winter fix or for visitors looking for an alternative to skiing or snowboarding.

Farewell to fall: Mountain biking in Park City, Utah

Fall is arguably the best time of the year to mountain bike in Park City. Cooler temps, less people and mountain vistas bathed in color are just a few reasons why you should look to this mountain town as a fall biking destination. And then there’s the obvious reason – a renowned trail network that spans for hundreds of miles of bike-able terrain. There really is something for everyone, and this informative article can point your front wheel in the right direction.

The Winter Local’s Guide to Park City

Park City is often viewed as a resort town that caters to primarily to the upper crust. Not just in terms of the skiing, but also with pricey accommodations and a restaurant scene that seems to appeal to die-hard foodies. But the local scene here is strong, and there are deals to be had. This article provides authentic insider tips so you can play – and stay – like you live here.

Mountain Bike Paradise: Park City, Utah

With Park City being named a Gold-Level Ride Center by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), riders are flocking to this epic playground. But with over 450 miles of single track to explore, the choices can seem daunting at first. This article celebrates some of the standouts, at each of the resorts in town, along with some that are off the beaten path. You’ll be inspired to grease your chain and explore a trail you may not have discovered otherwise.

Mountain Bike Park City: The Bucket List

The praises of Park City as a mountain biking mecca are sung in this article by Ryan Dunfee, with a visceral telling of what it's like to interface with the town's vast bike trail system, supported by convenient access and free bus rides. Trail recommendations pepper the article, along with access tips and some insider info from Jans’ Expert Scott House. Whether or not our fair city is really the "Disneyland of the American mountain bike world," will be up to you to decide.

Weber River, UT - Seven Facets of a Blue-Ribbon Gem

Many fly fishermen near Park City, Utah frequent the famed Provo River, but the Weber can be a hidden gem. Highlighting the lesser celebrated but equally rewarding Weber River, this article points anglers to some of the best areas to access including the Thousand Peaks Ranch. Offering seven miles of private water accessed only through Jans’ guided fly fishing trips or an annual membership, this secluded section of river is home to local wildlife such as beavers and moose as well as brook trout, rainbows and 13 to 16-inch cutthroat trout. Inside tips such as recommended weights of fly rods and useful fly patterns for the area are included in this informative piece.

Daytripping in Park City - White Pine Touring

Even though Park City is best known for three world-class ski resorts, it happens to be a great Nordic skiing destination as well. This article highlights Patrick Coffey, director of our White Pine Nordic Center, his enthusiasm for cross country skiing and the various classes and tours offered at the Nordic Center. There’s something for everyone – from novice skate and classic skiers looking to get exposed to the sport to intermediate and advanced Nordic skiers who want to further hone their skills with Expert instructors on over 20 kilometers of dedicated, groomed Nordic track. Those looking to explore the solitude of the woods can book a Nordic tour or custom snowshoe tour to the Uinta mountains just 45 minutes out of town, but a world away.

Strap On Your Snowshoes In Park City: Explore the Wasatch Range and the Waldorf Astoria

Believe it or not, everyone who visits Park City in the winter doesn’t necessarily love to ski. Snowshoeing is a great alternative to get outside and explore the mountains in a less technical and less demanding way. This article, written exclusively for Snowshoe Magazine, discusses not only where and how to snowshoe in Park City, but also the experience of staying at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria hotel. Led by White Pine Touring Guide, Victoria Ritzinger, the author enjoys an exhilarating snowshoe tour up the easily accessible Rob’s Trail and shares insights about guided snowshoe tours to the Uinta Mountains and fireside dining at Deer Valley Resort.

Park City makes its mark as a ski-town destination

When the snow is on the light side in Park City, this article gives alternate activities to keep even diehard skiers and snowboarders entertained. With a reference to White Pine Touring, Jans’ guide service, the author suggests snowshoeing at upper elevations, renting a fat bike to explore Park City’s groomed winter trails or even tackling the 20 kilometers of Nordic skiing, both classic and skate varieties, offered at our White Pine Nordic Center.

Lost Gold, Park City's Growing Bike Culture

Using a clever reference to Park City’s mining heritage, this article discusses how the town’s bike culture has contributed to a trail system that crisscrosses both public and private land, a city government that prides itself on open space preservation and the “garage as your trailhead” mantra that Parkites embrace. Not even an early season snow storm could derail Scott House, Jans’ communications director and mountain bike guide, from giving this journalist a true taste of mountain biking in Park City. From cruising down Main Street, to hopping on trails just outside of town and experiencing lift-accessed mountain biking to ride all the way from Park City Mountain Resort to the Canyons, the author describes not only the interconnectedness of Park City’s 400+ miles of trails, but how accessibility is the key.

Fueling the Outdoor Recreation Addiction

An outsider’s view of what Jans is, what it does and why. This article includes a bit of the company’s history and the philosophy created by Jan Peterson himself – “Treat people as if you’re welcoming them into your home.” From the early days as just a ski shop to expansion into fly fishing and biking, Jans has been a community partner, and was even instrumental in getting Park City classified as IMBA’s first ever Gold Level Ride Center. Don’t miss the expert tips for fly fishing, snowshoeing, backcountry touring, Nordic and alpine skiing.


What exactly is the magic bullet that put Park City on the map as the first IMBA Gold Level Ride Center? This article, from a self-professed cynic, details how Park City's 400+ miles of interconnected singletrack, some hand-cut and some machined, are the real deal. From the iconic Wasatch Crest ride and the Mid Mountain Trail to downhill biking at Canyons resort, element.ly details how Park City trails are a mix of challenging ascents, flowy descents and everything in between. Trailside Bike Park is even on the itinerary led by Scott House, Jans’ communication director and occasional mountain bike guide. This particular stop left the author green with envy due to its numerous features that give riders the chance to hone their mountain biking skills.

A Rookie Gets Hooked on Mountain Biking

This article is about mountain biking, from a beginner’s perspective, and how being an IMBA Gold Level Ride Center means that Park City’s trail system offers multiple options for every level of rider. An avid skier, but rookie biker, the author discusses the similarities between mountain biking and skiing and shares descent tips gleaned from suggestions by her guides from our White Pine Touring location. An included video from Jans' Communication Director Scott House, shot at the Canyons Bike Park, discusses all of the riding options in this mountain biking mecca.

Photo Epic: The Goods On Park City, Utah

This photo epic, captioned by a true local, visualizes fall in Park City, albeit with an unexpected snowfall – in September. Riders decked out in ski gear, complete with goggles, shred through yellow and green aspen groves and past orange scrub oak, all while tearing up snow-covered trails. The author gives some background on the growth of the Park City trail system. The article also praises Jans Communication Director Scott House, for choosing the best trail option given the wet, early winter conditions – the infamous Pinecone Ridge Trail.


Showcasing jans.com Photo Editor Ross Downard’s iconic action shots, this article is a comprehensive how-to for mountain biking in Park City. Espousing the benefits of Park City’s free bus system, which can be used as a point of access to hitting the trails or even avoiding certain climbs, the writer gives suggestions for everything from breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots to trail options and even how to get a drink in this Utah town. A local tips section at the end of the article calls out our White Pine Touring location as the local bike shop to visit for rentals, gear, bike tunes, and more.