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Tim Matthews | Willow Creek Trail, Park City, UT

Jans Expert teaching Road Bike Lessons in Park City, Utah

Road Bike Lessons in Park City

Modern road bikes are marvels of technology and design. They have many moving parts and components, but that shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the thrill of speeding down the road with visions of competing in your very own Tour de Park City. The Experts at Jans can help you get comfortable with the sport of cycling, the bike itself, and familiar with the nuts and bolts of its operation.

Our road bike lessons can help you improve all aspects of your riding, and are designed for everyone from the novice roadie (Road 101) to the intermediate cyclist looking to refine their skills (Road 201) to the hardcore racer trying to improve race pace and overall time (Road 301.) Jans also offers a popular Ladies-Only Road Bike Ride each Monday night from May to September. These casual group rides are the perfect way to get out and ride with friends, or make some new ones.

With a better understanding of your bike, a handle on road safety and cycling skills, and the confidence to get out and pedal farther, you’ll be able to spend more time loving the outdoors and embracing the open road.