Jans Expert Bios

What It Means To Be A Jans Expert:

Jans has a reputation as the mountain recreation experts. Why?

Because it’s a company culture that has been created, over 30 years, by some of the best professionals in mountain sports. Our staff includes former and current ski racers and coaches, state and national mountain biking champions, judges for ESPN’s “Great Outdoors Games,” NCAA athletes, ski testers for several magazines, and half a dozen ski tuners on the World Cup circuit. And, while they are happy to share their expertise with you, they also share their expert knowledge with fellow staffers. That collective knowledge base is far more than any one person could ever accumulate on their own. Because what good is being an expert if you can’t share what you know.


Jans Ambassador Bios

What is a Jans’ Ambassador?

Jans’ Ambassadors are experts in their respective sports, who do not work directly for Jans. In the spirit of creating the most comprehensive outdoor recreation website, we have partnered with these industry experts who have graciously shared their inside knowledge on topics such as racing, cross training and nutrition. Some have even worked for Jans in the past. Many work for leading organizations in their sport of choice. All are recognized as leaders in their fields. We are proud to share their insights with you because we want to make sure you have the very best information available to you.