Jack Walzer

General Manager, Jans & White Pine Touring


Fairfield, CT

Been in Industry since:


Been at Jans since:


Days a year:

• Skiing – 3 days/week

• Biking – 2 days/week

• Fly Fishing – “Whenever/wherever I can”

Bragging Rights:

• Member of the Jans Alpine Ski Testing Team

• Former board president for Mountain Town Music

• Alumni Member of the Park City Leadership 2000 class VII

• Member of several hardgoods product focus groups


Jack is a long time local who’s been playing in the mountains of Park City since the early 80’s. Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, mountain biking and fly fishing are all part of a typical day in the life for Jack. In his spare time he plays guitar in a local band called Lash LaRue, an Americana roots music collaboration. Jack started at Jans in 1984 as a salesperson and the rest, as they say, is history. He worked from the ground up, becoming a hardgoods buyer and eventually General Manager, a role which he enjoys since its spread over so many different categories. Even though he participates in just about every sport that Jans represents, Jack’s most passionate about alpine skiing and mountain biking. “I prefer the solitude of mountain biking and exploring areas that are less traveled, “ he says, “but going out with a couple of friends on a powder day and ripping all over the mountain makes me feel like a kid again.”


“Jack is the kind of boss you want to have. Always calm, never micromanaging. In over three decades of working at Jans he has gone from being in sales to the general manager of all the stores. You have to respect someone who has put their time in and worked their way up, not to mention a guy who jams in a band with his wife on the weekends! He’s got a reputation for going fast whether he’s climbing Armstrong on his mountain bike or dropping the glades at Deer Valley on a powder day.”

Mark Khami

Ski Touring, Climbing and Accessories Buyer, White Pine Touring