Nordic Ski Clothing Tips

Unlike downhill-only alpine skiing, Nordic skiing is a true aerobic activity. You’ll be warmer than you think. Don’t dress in all the bulky clothes you’d wear alpine skiing. Instead, opt for streamlined, technical layers. Start with a lightweight base layer to wick moisture away from the body when you sweat—which you most certainly will. And avoid cotton since it traps wetness against the skin, making you cold and clammy. On the outside, go with a slim-profiled, stretchy jacket and loose tights. Both should offer wind protection in the front, but breathability in the back, so that moisture can get pushed out, keeping you warm and dry even in chilly conditions... learn more

Nordic Skiing Isn’t The Same As Alpine Skiing.

So you don’t want to dress the same for Nordic skiing as you would for alpine skiing. During cross country skiing you are more aerobically active and also at a lower elevation than you are during downhill skiing. Because of this you’ll want to wear lighter layers so you won’t overheat.

For Skate Skiing Especially,

it’s best to wear something that has windbreaker on the front but is breathable in the back. This way you won’t get chilled from the breeze you’re going to create by... learn more