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Scott House | Round Valley, Park City, UT | Photo: Eric Schramm

Guided Mountain Biking Tours with Jans in Park City, UT

Park City Mountain Bike Tours

Park City is home to an extensive web of mountain biking trails, and sometimes it can feel like a complex, albeit intriguing, maze. Our White Pine Touring guide service can help you decipher the trail map and show you what makes this town an IMBA-certified Gold Level mountain biking destination.

Whether you’re looking for someone to lead a stress-free mountain bike adventure for the whole family, or simply want a fellow ripper to help you find the best dirt, our guided mountain bike tours are tailored specifically to your interest and skill level.

Check out our available tours below to decide which one is right for you, and book online to start your adventure.

Technical Ratings

Green CircleGREEN CIRCLES We don’t expect any heart stoppage on these trails, and they are suitable for most kids to ride. In fact, these trails have been designed with families, seniors, and beginner riders in mind.

Blue SquareBLUE SQUARES If you are coming from sea level, and you are past your twenties and/or you don’t get much exercise, these rides will get you huffing and puffing a little, or maybe a lot. While there is some challenge involved, any crash should be patchable with a Band-Aid.

Double Blue SquareDOUBLE BLUE SQUARES Strength is the major determinant in the jump from one square to two. You will have to clear some obstacles that require the front tire to get airborne briefly and on several of the rides, you’ll be in the saddle for a long time.

Black DiamondBLACK DIAMONDS Riders in this category should know who they are, but the jump from two squares to one diamond means more grunt factor and more technical difficulty, plus generally more time in the saddle.

Double Black DiamondDOUBLE BLACK DIAMONDS Park City doesn’t have that much riding that is truly intimidating, but there is a little on these rides. Advanced riders will be able to handle most of these trails without walking or carrying their bikes too much, but it will take them longer than Expert riders.

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