Cross-Country Skiing with

Betsy Bothe | Uinta Mountains

Cross Country Ski Tours with Jans Expert Betsy Bothe in the Uinta mountains.

Guided Cross Country Ski Tours

Cross country skiing is the oldest discipline in the sport of skiing, but that doesn’t mean it is antiquated. Whether you are searching for a quiet afternoon in the solitude of the backcountry or an aerobic workout on a groomed track, Nordic skiing is a great way to get outdoors in the winter, and you will cover more ground in less time than you can with anything other than a snowmobile. Plus, it’s a much quieter way to enjoy the beautiful backcountry scenery.

Our Experts have been guiding cross country ski tours in Park City for over 43 years. With over 75 kilometers of groomed Nordic trails in Park City alone, and thousands of miles of touring in the nearby Uinta Mountains, the options of where to ski and for how long can be a little overwhelming. Let our Nordic Experts help you plan a cross country ski tour that is right for you, your ability level and your interests. Our passion for the sport will ensure that you are kicking, gliding, or skate skiing with a smile on your face.