• Betsy Bothe

    Nordic Ski Instructor/Backcountry Guide, White Pine Nordic Center

    Park City, Utah

    Been in Industry since:

    Been at Jans since:

    Days a year:
    • Skiing – 80
    • Biking – 3 days/week

    Bragging Rights:
    • Raced in a dozen or more Worldloppet ski marathons in Europe
    • Finished Marcialonga, Dolomites, Italy – a 70K classic ski marathon, twice
    • Finished the Venice, Italy marathon, twice
    • Toured Europe by bike from Greece to Ireland, three times
    • Arranges luxury Italian hiking/yoga/spa tours through her business, Custom Tuscany

    "Nordic skiing is a beautiful dance if you learn how to do it correctly," says Betsy Bothe. She and her husband initially taught themselves but, after taking a lesson, Betsy figured out she was being really inefficient with her technique and quickly learned how to dial it in. She became obsessed with both forms of cross country skiing for the ridiculously good workout potential and the similarities she found it has to yoga and dance - the balance, flow, and meditative state that comes over her. Because her husband is a pilot, Betsy has been able to ski many of the charming village chains in Europe, even participating in some races there. Betsy encourages anyone to try Nordic skiing – from age 5 to 95. She loves teaching beginners and getting people excited about the outdoors. "You can save yourself years of bad habits with some lessons!" she advises.


    “Betsy is such a good people person. She can put a smile on anybody’s face and she definitely likes to give everyone a unique experience. Betsy is a very patient and thoughtful instructor who is good at identifying a skier as an individual and not treating everybody the same.”

    Patrick Coffey
    Sales Associate, White Pine Touring