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Road Bike Clothing Tips

Cycling clothing of the modern day has come a long way since the leather chamois and itchy wool jersey. Today’s cycling apparel utilizes the latest in stretchy fabrics, shock absorbing foams, semi permeable membranes, sun blocking materials, and advanced production techniques to keep you performing in any condition you may face on a ride.

Betsy Bothe | Deer Valley, UT | Photo: Eric Schramm

Being comfortable and looking good on your bike has never been easier in any weather, for any riding style, for any body type.

In this section of our site, the experts at Jans will help you sort through the function, fit, and fashion of a huge selection of shorts, bibs, arm warmers, arm coolers, tights, jerseys, jackets, vests, caps, socks, and gloves to keep you feeling good whether it’s hot or cold, wet or dry, sunny or dark, in a huge spectrum of styles. It’s all part of helping you make the best choices for your budget whether you are looking to get outfitted for a specific cycling adventure or you are looking for the best kit for your every day rides.