Road Biking Expert Info

Park City maybe best known for its world class skiing, but the area offers some of the best road cycling in Northern Utah. The incredible climate coupled with beautiful vistas, tough hill climbs and long stretches of road are perfect for improving your spinning and make the road cycling here amazing. The Experts at Jans know and enjoy road biking in the Park City area, and that is why we offer up some friendly technique tips and stock some beautiful road bikes for sale and demo.

Caron Keim | Guardsman Pass, Park City, UT | Photo: Eric Schramm

At Jans we have witnessed an increased interest in road biking, and so we offer free organized group rides during the summer months. But don’t fear, our group ride isn’t just a gear mashing contest; our Experts offer interesting routes, give tips to help you become a better rider, and provide pointers to increase your fitness.

You don’t have to wait for a group ride to talk about road riding with the Jans Experts, though. We’re here to help any day of the week, all year round, and we can show you where to go for a ride or explain what certain pieces of gear can do for you.

So, whether you are new to the sport of road cycling or are already an avid enthusiast looking for expert information, browse through our Expert technique tips and come visit us in the bike shop. You can get some great advice at either place for you and your bike.