Road Biking Gear Tips

At the basic level, almost every bike will get us down the road from point A to point B. But what about the hills we’ll have to climb, the distances of the routes we’ll ride, the equipment our fellow riders are on, or the addiction to swanky bike stuff?

Jans Mountain Recreation Experts

As the pedals turn and the road passes, having the right tools for the job can offer huge physical and psychological advantages that lead to better road riding experiences. No matter what makes your cat meow, there is a bicycle, component, pedal, cockpit, seat, wheel, tire, bar tape, or accessory, to help you achieve it.

Looking to upgrade, replace, repair, or get a fresh start in cycling? Jans’ experts can help you sift through all the gear that’s available to meet your needs. We’re happy to shed light on the mysteries of compatibility, or help you prioritize your needs in terms of durability, weight, function, and budget. Check here every once in a while to get the latest gear explanations and technique tips, and to see what’s going on with your friends at Jans. We’ll keep you rolling.