The Jans Experts are Serious about Play

Here at Jans, our seasoned staff is the real deal—made up of longtime locals who live to ski, bike, fish, and hike in the Utah mountains. Many of our senior staffers have been with us for more than 20 years, and our team includes National Biking Champions, World Cup ski tuners, former pro ski racers, instructors and patrollers, and fly-fishing gurus who bring their experience and authenticity to their roles at Jans. Simply put, our experts take their playtime seriously.

More importantly, the Jans team is seriously committed to your playtime. As recreation evangelists, our experts want nothing more than to spread the gospel of good times. We believe passionately that the right gear, the right guide and the right advice will significantly enhance your recreation experience. Whether you’re a veteran athlete wanting to talk shop, or a beginner looking for guidance, we are here for you.

Explore our areas of expertise by clicking through the sport-specific icons above. Get to know us better by browsing our expert bios. Or better yet, stop by and see us. Whatever your recreation question, chances are that we’ve been there too.

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500 Years Of Expertise

There’s a modern hypothesis that it takes 10,000 hours of doing almost anything to become a master at it. By that measure, all of our Experts qualify as having mastered their sports many times over. They’ve also mastered the craft of being able to help you get the most from your mountain recreation. Collectively the Experts at Jans and White Pine Touring have over 500 years of experience among our core staff, and there aren’t that many of us.

Connect With Our Experts

Our experience and knowledge means nothing if we can't share it with our fellow mountain recreation enthusiasts. Just like we are available when you come in the store, we’re available to help you over the phone or by email when you can’t find an answer to a question on this site. Just email us at or call us at 800-745-1020. We’ll be happy to help.