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Fly fishing is a rewarding way to spend quality time with friends and family since it gives you the chance to get away from it all. Cell phones, laptops, tablets and video games have no place, and often no service, when you’re on the water with a fly rod in hand. Whether you’re standing on the bank or in the swirling, crystal clear eddies of a mountain stream; you have no choice but to concentrate on the task at hand – the thrill of catching a fish.

Learning to fly fish has never been easier than with Jans’ fly fishing lessons. Our expert guides and instructors in Park City, Utah, have decades worth of casting, knot tying, and fly fishing knowledge to share. They will help you with casting technique, understanding hatches and entomology, choosing the right flies, tying knots, and putting it all together to catch fish while enjoying the picturesque settings of local tributaries such as the Provo and Weber rivers. Jans Expert anglers truly enjoy teaching all levels of fly fishers and our fly fishing schools will give you the confidence to get out on the water for a successful day of fishing.

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You need the right fly fishing gear, and we have it. Jans offers a large selection of high performance fly fishing rods, fly reels, waders, and wading boots to rent or buy from brands like Sage, Simms and Scott. Full-day rentals are available for those new to the sport, or for seasoned anglers who may have forgotten to pack a critical piece of gear.

In addition to rental equipment, the Jans’ Fly Shop boasts a wide variety of new fly rods, reels, fly fishing apparel, accessories and flies for purchase. We are also the only fly shop in Park City to sell Utah State Fishing Licenses. And, if you are looking to get a feel for a new fly rod or reel before you buy, ask about our demo program which lets you experience fly rods from Sage, Scott and Loop, along with select reels, right on the water.

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