Jans.com Affiliate Program

Thanks for your interest in partnering with Jans.com. Our Experts are always trying to broaden our brand story and reach new customers. We understand the power of referral marketing and are always looking to partner with top tier affiliate websites. With our unique business model, our affiliates can reinforce their websites and brands by linking to our diverse content, product pages, rentals, and guided services we present on jans.com, and at the same time, earn a commission on any sales through affiliate links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have gathered a few common questions about our affiliate program and done our best to answer them in the most relevant way possible.

What is the jans.com Affiliate Program?

The jans.com Affiliate Program invites review sites, online communities, bloggers, and other content website owners to promote products and services on their sites and earn commissions on sales they refer to jans.com.

How does the jans.com Affiliate Program work?

Affiliates interested in working with jans.com must apply through the Avantlink Affiliate Network. Once you have applied, our team makes a thorough review of your site and will approve your application if it meets our standards and requirements for content, traffic, and functionality. We take our brand and the brands of our partners and vendors very seriously, so we are very selective of the affiliates we allow into our program. In the long run, this is also very beneficial for our affiliates.

jans.com works directly with the Avantlink Affiliate Network

When your application has been approved, you will have access to an affiliate dashboard stocked with ready-to-use banners, text links, product ads, and an excellent data feed that you can use to promote the top brands in the outdoor industry on your site. While jans.com benefits from the sale, so do you.

You can use these tools, as well as the tools provided by 3rd party affiliate tool makers, to promote the leading products and services on your website, which in turn adds credibility to your site. When a user clicks-through and makes a purchase, you’ll be awarded a commission.

Why partner with jans.com?

Jans.com is a leading retailer in the outdoor space. Not just a retail website, Jans Mountain Outfitters has a well-established retail presence in Park City, Utah. We use our site to create a unified brand experience for our customers, providing easy booking tools for ski rentals, bike rentals, and all of our guided services, which are huge traffic generators for jans.com. We pay special attention to SEO and SEM and are constantly revising our site to be relevant across multiple channels and devices.

The outdoor industry recognizes Jans Mountain Outfitters as a premium retailer and many brands work hard to be in our stores. Our Expert buying team stocks our website and stores with the best possible product from a myriad of outdoor and mountain sports. From cross-country and alpine skiing, to trail running and mountain biking and more, jans.com carries product that our Experts and customers are passionate about.

Benefits of the Jans Affiliate Program include:

  • Commission Payout: 7-9%
  • Shared attribution commissions
  • 30 day Cookie Duration
  • Average Order Value: $200
  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • Parasite Free
  • Frequently updated Promotional Banners
  • Expert in house reviews on products
  • Best-in-Class Brands

Can a publisher promote any page on your site?

Our team provides links to relevant promotions, product list pages, brand pages, and product detail pages. Through the Avantlink Network and their tool suite, as well as other 3rd party affiliate tools, publishers can create custom links to any URL on jans.com they find relevant for their web content.

Can publishers post jans.com page copy on their site?

You can post any content distributed to affiliates through our product data feed. On a case-by-case basis you will be allowed to use jans.com copy, images, etc. Please reach out to the acting program manager for more information.

How much money can I make as a jans.com affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is a pay-for-performance model, so the more sales you refer, the more money you can make. Jans.com has a very competitive, tiered commission structure as well as shared attribution. New affiliates generally start at 7% and can quickly move up to 8% and finally 9% based on reaching sales thresholds.

Are there any marketing methods you don't allow in the jans.com Affiliate Program?

Jans.com does not allow affiliates to use Pay Per Click (PPC/CPC) advertising or any paid social network advertising on our brand name or any jans.com URL. This is subject to change at any time, and we reserve the right to warn and/or remove affiliates from our program if violations occur.

How do I get started?

To start the application process, click on the link to the jans.com Affiliate Program. Remember, we only work with affiliates within the Avantlink Network.