Christian Gennerman, Jans Expert
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Christian Gennerman Backcountry Skiing

Christian Gennerman


Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, but he’s called Park City home for 20 years

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 60+
• Biking – 35
• Skateboarding – "A Lot"
• Snowboarding – "Occasionally"

Bragging Rights:
• 3rd in World Tele Mogul Championships
• 2012 and 2013 Powder Mag Ski Tester

Industry Involvement/Outreach:
• Volunteer Soccer Coach
• Outdoor Retailer Advisory Board

Christian first worked at Jans as a ski technician tuning skis at night after skiing all day. Turns out his primary motivation was so he could get an employee discount on a new fork for his mountain bike. That’s devotion to two sports for you.


“There are two things you should know about Christian. First, he once showed up for a photo-shoot with a pair of Volkl Mantras (at 94mm under foot, considered by most sane people to be powder skis) and the photographer said, ‘You’re being a bit optimistic aren’t you?’ since it hadn’t snowed in a week and the skies were bright blue. Christian’s response was, ‘These ARE my carving skis.’ And, he laid them over on the first turn of the shoot and made a believer out of everyone there as his hip arced about six inches off the snow for turn after turn. Second, he’s an extraordinarily devoted single dad.”

Mark K Fischer

Mark K. Fischer
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