Martin Holly

Sales Specialist, Jans Deer Valley at Snow Park & Jans Park Ave

Colorado Springs

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 30+
• Biking – 102

Bragging Rights:
• Has been road biking for 33 years
• Finished Ride the Rockies 3 years consecutively
• Levi Leipheimer tweeted that “guys at Jans were awesome” after Marty set him up with a bike

Local Secret:
Royal Street is one of the bigger bangs for the buck in terms of road biking in Park City. I ride it every day at lunchtime because of the climbing and how it fits into my limited amount of time. The best part is going down really fast. I like to get really aero and sit on the top tube, but I wouldn’t recommend it from a safety standpoint.

Growing up as the son of a military officer, Martin first got into cycling by watching Eddy Merckx in Belgium. Many years later, Marty participates in the annual Ride the Rockies, a six day, 400+mile road bike event with 2,000 riders. This Colorado race takes him back to his home state where he started road biking after he was in the army, as General Schwarzkopf’s driver. Marty lives for the feeling of elation that he gets every time he reaches the summit of a mountain pass, and he insists that the best part of any climb is a fast descent. In the off season, Martin spins on his trainer every morning where he often gets yelled at by his wife for singing too loudly.