Jon Beebe

Hardgoods Supervisor, Deer Valley Snowpark

Thetford, VT

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans/WPT since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 70
• Biking – 80

Bragging Rights:
• Most injury days per year among Jans employees

Affectionately known as Beebes, Jon Beebe grew up in Vermont where skiing was the only thing to do to stay sane during the long, cold winter. When his sister moved out to Park City, Beebe followed, and ended up staying here. He loves the thrill of skiing and mountain biking, and also the aspect of getting to be outside, and experiencing moments with friends in the mountains. He is also into competitive ultimate Frisbee.


“Beebes is perpetually stoked, but it reaches all-time levels the morning of a powder day. His excitement is contagious. From watching ‘Focused’ for the first time in his dorm room way back when, to chasing him around The Canyons when I first moved out here, Beebes has been getting me fired-up about skiing for as long as I’ve known him. Do anything consistently enough and it’s easy to get jaded – Beebes is the guy who will help you remember that skiing is always fun.”

Nate Tomlinson
Former Senior Content Writer,