Jackson Hogen

Pontiff of Powder for

Chappaqua, New York
For skiing — Peru, Vermont

Been in Industry since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 60-90

Bragging Rights:

  • Helped pioneer Snow Country ski magazine
  • Authored one of the first boot fitting manuals in the US
  • Coined the term “shaped skis”
  • 4x screenwriter, and only person to ever write for Warren Miller — “Much to Warren’s chagrin”
  • 1973 Breckenridge obstacle-course race champion

Jackson’s entry into the ski industry was instructing at Copper Mountain; since then, he’s done it all, from renting out skis and boots, to developing them for manufacturers like Salomon and Head. Jackson joined in 2013, as Editor, to share his knowledge and experience. delivers hard-hitting information on alpine skis and boots, to help skiers achieve their best experience possible. He strives to remove the barriers that prevent people from enjoying the sport, whether it’s an ill-fitting boot or a lack of information. Jackson has never had a bad day on the slopes, and his goal — through, as a boot fitter, and as a ski aficionado — is to ensure no one does.

“Jackson Hogen has participated in just about every aspect of the ski industry. With an honors diploma from Yale, he has held positions in — and not limited to — product development, marketing, retail, consulting, staff training, and writing, including feature editor and columnist for SKI Magazine. He currently runs, an online resource for the serious skier. With his ‘tell it like it is,’ no-BS approach, his readers get the straight scoop from a ski professional that still lives, understands, and shares the true culture and technical intricacies of the ski industry. We are proud to have him on our Jans ambassador team!”

Jack Walzer
General Manager, Jans & White Pine Touring