Ross Downard, Jans Expert
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Ross Downard Mountain Biking

Ross Downard

Photo Editor,

Harrison, OH

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 60-90
• Biking – 150+

Bragging Rights:

  • • Photos published in every major ski magazine including Powder, Skiing, Ski, Telemark Skier, Backcountry, Snowboard and Snowboarder
    • Shot cover photo for Spring 2012 issue of Paved Magazine
    • Making it as a professional photographer:


    Ross Downard was an avid rock climber before he became a biker. During a climbing trip, his good friend had a serious fall and Ross got him airlifted out. As a thank you, his buddy loaned him a mountain bike for the summer and Ross became instantly hooked. He now rides every day during biking season and has explored trails in Whistler, Winter Park, Jackson, Steamboat, Moab and of course, Park City. While downhill riding is his favorite sport, Ross is also a gifted ski photographer, published in just about every ski or snowboard magazine you can imagine. His forte is action photography and while he got into it so he wouldn’t have to sit at a desk all day, Ross says it can be physically demanding to get the right shot on the mountain. Having been part of the whole changeover from film to digital photography, Ross admits it’s pretty nice to have a warm desk to come back to when it’s time to review his photos.


“Ross is very passionate about a number of things – photography, skiing, biking, climbing – and he’s very good at sharing that passion with other people. He is one of the hardest working and most driven people, but you’d never know it since he has such a relaxed and personable demeanor. He definitely has his own, unique photography style. Light is a huge part of his photographs, but he takes it to the next level using different flashes, strobes and gels. He is good at telling the story of a shot while adding his own twist.”

Brendan Trieb

Brendan Trieb
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