Karl Jacobson, Jans Expert
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Jans Expert Karl 'Jake' Jacobson Skiing in Park City, UT

Karl 'Jake' Jacobson

Buyer, Alpine Skiing

Park City

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 30+
• Biking, 30-40 (plus 20-30 indoor)
• Fishing, 15-20

Bragging Rights:
• 51 years of skiing
• Ski Racer Intermountain division, 3 time Jr. National Member
• University of Utah Ski Team Alumni
• Professional Ski Racer (retired)
• 6 Years Professional Gelande jumper (ski jumping on alpine equipment, longest jump – 241 ft)
• Member of the Jans Alpine Ski Testing Team

What Jake loves with passion: family, friends, Jans, powder, being airborne with skis on his feet, high speed groomed runs, road biking recreationally, a 36" Steelhead, and beer.


“I’ve known Jake my entire life; he’s my uncle. He gave me my first job at Jans, and he is one of the greatest managers to work for. Jake has been in the industry for-EVER. He knows how to pick out a pair of skis and boots for someone who walks in the door with only a few words said. Give him a pair of GS skis, and he looks like a kid carving it up. He’s a great teacher when it comes to a person who is looking to learn. If you think you know already, he will tell you anyway, and you will leave the conversation knowing more than you thought there was to know. There is nothing Jake can't do in the sport from the bottom to the top, blue ice to neck deep”

Ramsey Moore

Ramsey Moore
Hardgoods Manager, Jans Deer Valley at Snow Park