Victoria Ritzinger

Guide, White Pine Touring

Buenos Aires

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans/WPT since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 50+
• Biking – 50+

Bragging Rights:
• Has lived in Argentina, Austria, Italy & the U.S.
• Fluent in English, Spanish, German, and Italian
• Has backpacked in the Andes & the Alps
• Hikes and snowshoes over 200 days a year

Born in the beautiful coastal Argentinian city of Buenos Aires, Victoria Ritzinger is fluent in four languages. She and her Austrian-born husband have lived internationally, but they've called Park City home for over 20 years now. Victoria's love for nature and the outdoors led her to become proficient in various athletic pursuits, including snowshoeing, hiking, mountain biking, Nordic skiing, and yoga. In an effort to combine work with her passion, Victoria became a snowshoe and mountain bike guide for White Pine Touring. “I believe in the happiness of the soul,” she says. “My goal is to make people happy and share the beauty of nature. I’m not a competitive athlete – I believe in the fun.”


“Victoria is a very energetic, fun-loving, humorous guide who has been leading snowshoe tours with us for many years. She has many hidden trails that she likes to take people on – her own special secret stashes.”

Betsy Bothe
Ski Instructor / Guide, White Pine Nordic Center