Weston Deutschlander

Guide, White Pine Touring
Jans Athlete Team Member

Buffalo, NY

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 100+
• Biking – 100+

Bragging Rights:
• Ski professional that has been photographed by SKI Magazine, Skiing and Backcountry
Inspired Summit Adventures Guide
• Ski Tester for Backcountry Magazine & Telemark Skier Magazine

Local Secret:
The best time of the year is when nobody is here.

Weston grew up skiing back East where both of his parents have been veteran ski patrollers for over 40 years. He likes to joke that he skied in the womb, in a backpack and with a hula hoop until he was ready to rip on his own. Weston’s dad taught him a telemark turn when he was a teenager and he was instantly hooked. Now a professional tele skier, Weston and his wife, fellow White Pine Touring Guide, Shaun Raskin, share their love of the sport through This project lets viewers live vicariously through Weston and Shaun’s powder adventures via monthly ski webisodes. When the snow isn’t falling, Weston defaults to his other sports of choice – mountain biking and climbing. As a White Pine Touring Guide, he is proud to say that the trails in Park City are fast and flowy and far, far exceed the biking trails back home.


“Watching Weston ski is like watching water flowing down the mountain. He is really smooth and is a beautiful telemark skier. Weston is also extremely detail oriented and always very reliable. When he guides, everything is perfect. From having all of the gear ready to making sure the vehicles are clean, Weston exemplifies what a perfect guide should do. And his personality allows him to connect with people quickly and easily, including experienced clients and those who have never climbed or biked before.”

Scott House
Communications Director, Jans