Daly Canyon | Park City, UT

Historic Hiking Tour

$100 for one hiker

$75 per adtl hiker

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What to Bring

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses & hat
  • Light wind/rain protection, just in case
  • Sneakers or hiking boots with non-cotton socks
  • Bug spray
  • Day pack with water and snacks

What We Provide

  • Adjustable trekking poles, if needed
  • Transportation to and from the trailhead
  • Professional guide service
  • Complimentary water bottle with filtered water
  • Admission to the Park City Museum

Tour Details

Cost$100 for one hiker

$75 per adtl hiker
DatesPer reservation
Time2-5 hours

(Based on your schedule)
LocationWhite Pine Touring

Tour Description

Long before Park City became a world-class ski destination, it was a thriving silver mining community. Our Historic Hiking Tour provides a glimpse into Park City’s past, lead by Expert guides who are well-versed in the area’s rich and exciting history. You’ll see remnants of time gone by such as partial or fully intact mine buildings and entrances to tunnels that run up to three miles deep into the side of the mountain.

Depending on the level of tour selected, you may see the site of the elevator shaft which dropped 2,400 feet into the earth and was later used to transport skiers up the mountain. Ideal for hikers who enjoy the history of the West, including kids who are able to hike for a few hours, the Historic Hiking Tour is an experience unique to Park City. And when the tour is over, we provide complimentary admission to the renowned Park City Museum!

Choose from three different levels of hiking tours:

  1. A fairly easy hike that lasts two-to-three hours. This flat and mostly downhill hike starts from the Silver Lake or Empire areas in Deer Valley and ends with a chairlift ride down the mountain.
  2. Considered more of an intermediate hike, this three-hour tour starts at the top of Marsac Avenue and goes up into Daly Canyon. Mostly uphill, but with a lot of switchbacks, the tour ends at the Silver King mine with a ride down the Town Lift.
  3. The longest tour that takes four-to-five hours starts at the Spiro Mine site at Silver Star and is mostly uphill for the first half. It includes a stop for lunch mid-hike with the remainder of the tour being mostly downhill. It ends with a chairlift ride to the base.

Please note that all tours start and end at White Pine Touring with a shuttle taking you to and from the trailhead.

For more information call our White Pine Touring Experts at 435-649-8710 or email experts@whitepinetouring.com.