Toko Base Brush Nylon

Item: TOK00044: Yel/ One Size


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A place in any skier's or wax tech's tool box should be reserved the Toko Nylon Base Brush, which can be used for brushing out all hot waxes. Stiff bristles easily clean out both cold, hard waxes and warm, soft waxes without clogging up. A great option for brushing ironed Jetstream, the nylon brush ensures all that’s left on your ski bases is pure speed. This sturdy brush is also great for minimalist skiers looking for the all-purpose ski tuning tool. Brush out your skis with confidence when you've got the Toko Nylon Base Brush in hand - you'll know that your skis will be ready to hit the snow.

  • All-around brush for all hot waxes
  • Great for brushing out ironed Jetstream
  • Stiff bristles effectively clean out soft and hard waxes
  • An essential in any wax tech's line-up