Nordic Skiing with

Emma Garrard | White Pine Nordic Center

Jans Expert Skate Nordic Skiing Group Lessons in Park City, Utah

Ladies Intermediate/Advanced Skate Technique

$125 (w/ rental & pass)


Lesson Details

$100 (Clinic only)
$125 (Rental and track pass included)
Dates / Times
9:30am on Wednesdays

Lesson Summary

These sessions further refine the cross country skier’s command of all skate techniques including V1, V2, and V2 alternate. Acceleration through corners, uphill and downhill transitions and race starts will all be addressed. This clinic also includes drills and tempo work as our Expert instructors work with you to refine your form and take your skate skiing to the next level.

*Participants are required to be able to navigate the 3K and 5K track prior to participating in this clinic.

For more information call the Experts at the White Pine Nordic Center at 436-649-6249 (Nov. 20th thru April 1st) or email us at