Nordic Skiing with

Betsy Bothe | White Pine Nordic Center

Jans Expert Betsy Both Instructing Skate Nordic Skiing Private Lessons in Park City, Utah

Nordic Skate Private Lessons

$80.00 for first person/hour (w/ rental & pass)

$60.00 for additional person/hour (w/ rental & pass)


Lesson Details

$80 for the first person per hour (Rental and track pass included.) $60 for each additional person (Rental and track pass included.)
$60 for the first person per hour and $40 for each additional person*
*Rental and track pass not included
Dates / Times
One hour lesson per reservation

Lesson Summary

A private lesson with our Experts at the White Pine Nordic Center is your ticket to better skate skiing. Whether you want to go further on your next lap around the track or move up on the results sheet in future races, your instructor will help you to achieve your goals with tips, training and technique advice tailored to your skill level and ability. Working with an Expert instructor at your own pace, you will focus on the techniques and skills that are of particular importance to you.

Whether you’re working to perfect your climbing efficiency with the V1 technique, or increase your speed on the flats by improving your V2, you’ll leave with new mastery of this cross country skiing discipline. Stop into our Nordic Center or give us a call to schedule a private skate ski lesson and see just how much you can learn. Prepaying for your lesson is required, and if you are renting equipment be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your lesson to get properly fitted for cross country boots, skis and poles. Technique is everything and our Experts know how to transform your skate skiing into a truly exhilarating experience.

For more information call the Experts at the White Pine Nordic Center at 436-649-6249 (Nov. 20th thru April 1st) or email us at